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Introducing the $5 Fusion Fighter Kite.

Often when fighter kite flyers are flying their kites, on-lookers will ask " Where can I buy a fighter kite like that ? "  The answer most flyers give is: " You make them; they are not available in local kite stores ".
However, with that answer most on-lookers just walk away because they want to buy a kite and begin having fun flying it NOW ! 
There have been many discussions about this issue among fighter kite flyers over the years that boil down to this basic common belief or premise:

If an affordable, good flying, easy to fly, North American style fighter kite was readily available, the number of fighter kite enthusiasts may expand more quickly.
I'm one that believes this to be true. That's the reason for my efforts in developing this affordable good performing North American style fighter kite; not for financial gain, I make zero money from this kite, ZERO.
Many fighter kite makers have experimented with many different ways of making an inexpensive good flying fighter kite. None have come up with a viable solution. 
What I did was use a highly successful existing kite and modified it.  The existing kite I used was an Indian made bamboo/Mylar fighter kite. After all, these kites are proven, successful, are readily available and inexpensive. I wanted to know whether a Mylar/Bamboo Indian made fighter kite could be made to fly like a North American style competition fighter kite.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results !
The final design I emailed to kite makers in India and ordered samples made to the plan I created. During my communication with various kite makers in India, I contacted Kirti L. Shah who owns and currently sells Indian fighter kites, manjha, etc. Kirti, was eager to contribute his experience to this project because he too wanted to expand the interest in fighter kites in North America.
The name FUSION FIGHTER comes from the fact that this kite is a fusion of Indian and North American fighter kite design together with Indian fighter kite building know how. Kirti L. Shah thought of the name, which I thought was a perfect name for this kite.
Here are the specs for the FUSION FIGHTER: These kites are hand-crafted, made one at a time in India by skilled kite makers. The spine is hand split and shaped bamboo, the bow is hand split and shaped bamboo, the have 2 bamboo battens and a Mylar skin. The kites are about 17" from nose to tail and about 21" from wingtip to wingtip.
Instructions for installing the 3-point bridle and basic tuning and flying information will be available on line both at and at for downloading.
Remember, in India no NEW kite is made with a bridle attached; in India if a kite has a bridle it indicates the kite is used. The FUSION FIGHTER kite does not come with the bridle installed, the bridle needs to be installed by the buyer.
I think the need to bridle the kite may get the new fighter kite flyer more directly involved with the kite, which is obviously good. However, I also know some folks will not want to 'mess' with the bridle. For those people who can't or don't want to install a bridle, maybe one of the experienced flyers they know will bridle the kite for them or at least assist them. Bridle line will be included with each kite and clear instructions for installing the bridle will be downloadable on line at and  as well as basic fighter kite flying and tuning information.
Another possibility is that if local kite stores inventory the FUSION FIGHTER Kite, they may bridle a few and offer them at a  higher 'ready to fly' price.
They fly great in most winds. In my opinion they are not successful flying in zero-2 mph winds.   The optimum wind range is from about 4 mph to 12 mph, which includes typical winds we experience.
Generally, low cost kites are considered only for beginning flyers, NOT SO with the FUSION FIGHTER.  Although it is a great kite for beginning fighter kite flyers, because of its low cost vs. ease of flying, it is also a great kite for experienced and competition flyers because they'll be able to put though its paces.  It is a full performance North American style fighter kite capable of any fighter kite maneuver.
How fast are they?  FUSION FIGHTERS are not speed racing kites and they are NOT slow either. I would call them 'medium' speed. And I'm eager to fly them in line touch competitions to see how they perform against the very best line touch kites available. I think they will be quite competitive in both line touch and precision/skills competitions. In my experience custom designed and custom made North American style fighter kites are noticeably better flying than FUSION FIGHTER kites, but that's to be expected. I invite you to fly them and see for yourself.
WHERE DO YOU BUY THEM ?, would be a natural place to buy them, but NAFKA is not set up to sell things other than pins. And since Kirti L. Shah is already in the kite selling business and sells Indian fighter kites, cotton lines, gator reels, waxed cotton line already on his web site,, it would be a natural for him to add this North American style kite to his line up. I asked him if it was something he'd be interested in and with great enthusiasm he said yes and he said he will keep the kites in stock. When at click on Kites, then click on 'Fusion Fighter Kites' to find the Fusion Fighter Kites page.
If you'd like your favorite kite store to inventory these kites, please have them contact Kirti L. Shah, at Wouldn't it be great to send a new fighter kite fan to your local kite store knowing the store had affordable fighter kites, line and gator reels to sell to a new fighter kite fan ?
The potential customer is ANYONE interested in flying a North American style fighter kite; new flyers as well as experienced flyers. Because the price is low, some folks may conclude the kite is only a 'beginners' kite. WRONG. It's a kite any experienced flyer would enjoy flying. In fact it flies better than many kites I've competed against in line touch competitions !
Every fighter kite flyer, should have a few FUSION FIGHTER kites in their kite box. Not only to fly them, but also to use when introducing new people to fighter kite flying. After experiencing the fun of flying the FUSION FIGHTER, a new flyer can order his own FUSION FIGHTERS on line from or, hopefully, from your local kite store. Not only are the FUSION FIGHTER kites available at, they also offer good waxed flying line and gator reels. An entire starter package is very affordable !
One other aspect this kite provides is the development of true 'One-Design' competitions.  It is true that not each kite performs EXACTLY the same as each other kite, but they are surprisingly close. In my opinion they are uniform enough to make a One-Design competition truly fun and competitive. This opens the door to many really fun possibilities! Possibilities where the purpose is to draw more participants, especially newer flyers, with easy and fun competitions! And every participant's kite is as much a winner as each other participant's, what fun !
Fusion Fighter Article by Bruce Lambert.

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